Giving Back for Community Good

Community involvement and being a good neighbor is important to all lead battery recyclers and manufacturers. The lead battery industry and its employees are pillars of their communities.

The Power of Community Involvement

The lead battery industry’s contributions to their communities go beyond providing economic benefits. Through volunteer initiatives, support for local charities, scholarship opportunities and research partnerships with colleges and universities, employees commit themselves to improving the communities where they work and live.

Manufacturers and recyclers find creative ways to give back to their communities through sponsorship of organizations like Power Soccer, a competitive team sport for disabled people who use electric wheelchairs powered by lead batteries.

The industry seeks to play an active role in their communities and beyond. They contribute to dozens of charities, such as the American Red Cross and United Way as well as to local schools and fire companies. During the holidays, employees share goodwill through food drives, toy collection programs and “adoption” of families’ wish lists to help their holiday dreams come true.

Lead battery industry community involvement by employees of the Hammond Group Inc.

Contributing to Where We Live and Work

Manufacturers and recyclers value their footprint in the community and work hard to make sure they are making positive contributions to the areas where their employees live and work. Shown here are employees of Hammond Group Inc. working with Habitat for Humanity in Indiana.

Supporting the Local Community

We’re proud to be good neighbors. Watch how the lead battery industry’s contributions to their communities go beyond providing economic benefits.

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Carole Mars The Sustainability Consortium Director

The high recycling rate of U.S. lead batteries means a large percent of U.S. lead battery manufacturing supply chain inputs (73% of its lead) are sourced from domestic recyclers.

Dr. Carole Mars, Director of Technical Development and Innovation, The Sustainability Consortium