Employee and Community Safety

Lead battery manufacturers and recyclers strive to exceed OSHA standards and are continually advancing to protect employees, the community and the environment.

Every Day Commitment to Employee Safety

The lead battery industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the U.S., and the industry makes sure the community and employees are safe by providing progressive safety training, on-site hygiene facilities, modern safety equipment and advanced environmental technology.

Keeping our employees safe is ingrained in everything we do. As a testament to the industry’s commitment to the well-being of employees, lead battery manufacturing and recycling facilities’ health and safety goals are more stringent than federal requirements. As a result, many facilities lead the manufacturing industry in providing a safe workplace.

In addition to employee safety, being a good neighbor to the community is at the heart of the industry. That means operating responsibly, investing in advanced air quality controls, good environmental stewardship and continuing to abide by federal and state environmental regulations.

Employee safety is a priority for the lead battery industry

Recognized for Strong Record


Protecting Our Employees

Keeping our employees safe is ingrained in everything we do. Watch the video to learn how the lead battery industry prioritizes employee safety.

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Carole Mars The Sustainability Consortium Director

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Dr. Carole Mars, Director of Technical Development and Innovation, The Sustainability Consortium