BCI Amplify Award

The BCI Amplify Award recognizes highly effective and top-rated campaigns, programs or communications that serve to inform, educate and promote the battery industry.

Excellence Recognized

Each year, the BCI Amplify Award recognizes a highly effective and top-rated internal or external campaign, program or communication that serves to inform, educate and promote battery products, components, services or the industry as a whole on the basis of four key pillars: innovation, sustainability, essentiality and safety.

The Award recognizes campaigns with the most impact for the battery industry, which incorporate innovation and design to achieve outstanding results. Campaigns can include elements from all forms of marketing, branding, public relations, corporate social responsibility and education programs, including digital or print collateral, training programs, consumer marketing, awareness campaigns, commercials, websites, social media, point-of-sale materials, tradeshow booths and more.

The goal of the award is to recognize strategic communications designed to address a need and provide a platform to showcase innovative ideas that support the battery industry, particularly campaigns that highlight the key pillars of batteries: innovation, sustainability, essentiality and safety.

Learn more about submission criteria and eligibility by visiting the FAQ page.

Thank you to the companies who submitted for the 2024 Amplify Award.

Congratulations to the 2024 BCI Amplify Award Winner!

“Say Yes to Trojan AES!”

AES stands for Advanced Energy Storage and that’s exactly what the new Trojan AES deep-cycle batteries offer – a significant upgrade to standard AGM. Trojan continuously works to develop the latest deep-cycle technologies and Trojan AES is a huge step forward in VRLA technology. To reach their global target audience, their strategy was to develop a campaign that directly called out our audience’s specific pain points and explain how Trojan AES would solve their problems. Trojan took a question-and-answer approach to the campaign messaging – i.e. “Want a battery that lasts up to 3X longer? Yes, with Trojan AES!” And that’s where the tagline was born – “Yes, with Trojan AES!”

The campaign exceeded its defined goals in every way. This was due, in part, to the success of the Trojan AES Media Kit and the global editorial coverage they received.

Judging Criteria

The judging panel will consider the following elements when evaluating your submission. Entries do not need to align with all criteria. Incorporating the following elements in your submission will provide the judges with additional clarity and insight into your campaign.

  • Innovation – The campaign demonstrates a high level of uniqueness and creativity
  • Clarity – The campaign communicates clearly, is easy to understand and engages the audience
  • Results – The campaign achieved its goal with measurable results
  • Design/Aesthetic – The campaign has visual appeal and highly effective design components
  • Value – The campaign elevates and benefits the battery industry in some way by raising awareness of key issues, advocating on behalf of the industry or sharing the positive battery story

Possible Submissions

The following is a list of potential campaigns and projects to consider for your submission. Please note the following list is meant to provide inspiration and includes examples that qualify for the award; this is not an all-inclusive list. The Amplify Award will be awarded to one (1) submission each year that potentially falls within the following categories. Submissions can include, but are not limited to:

  • Events: Includes seminars, open houses, networking events and webinars.
  • Branding: Includes logos and any kind of design or key messaging related to identity enhancement, including new identity design, tagline and/or key messaging.
  • Promotional and Collateral Materials: Includes brochures, annual reports, integrated brand materials, advertising, promotional giveaways, mailings/announcements and tradeshow booths.
  • Media Relations/PR: Includes press releases, news conferences and other non-paid media coverage, media training programs, charitable and community service programs and pro bono projects.
  • Content Marketing: Includes planning and execution of campaign that primarily involves the creation of content around a specific topic, including use of rich media, photo gallery, videos and podcasts.
  • Internal Marketing: Includes internal marketing initiatives designed to improve the performance and relevancy of the marketing and business development departments within a company.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Includes company-wide efforts that engage the marketing department to help the company or industry become more diverse, or to raise awareness for diversity.
  • Recruitment: Includes external marketing efforts to recruit new employees.
  • Social Media / Email Marketing / Other Digital Promotions: Includes innovative campaigns that involve social media platforms, email and related campaigns. Can also include proactive efforts to improve website traffic through strategic SEO initiatives.
  • Software / Technology Platforms: Includes implementation of applications and innovative uses of software and technology. Can include noteworthy blogs or ancillary websites, as well as development of specific technology applications, such as mobile apps. Can also include innovative use of platforms, such as CRM, experience management tools or marketing automation platforms to further a company’s marketing goals.
  • Website Design and Development: Includes websites, blogs and microsites.
Terry Murphy

…lead batteries [will remain] the dominant technology for SLI, its greatest potential is for renewable energy storage…”

Terry Murphy, President, CEO and Chairman, Hammond Group