BCI Amplify Award FAQs


Can I upload my creative work later?
Yes, you can upload any supplemental materials at a later time; however, it must be before the deadline.

Can I email my creative work instead of uploading it to the form?
Yes, if you’re having trouble uploading materials to the form, please email the supplemental work to info@batterycouncil.org.

How many campaigns can my company submit?
Each company may only submit one (1) entry per year.

Do I need to be a BCI member in order to submit an entry?
No, companies do not need to be a member of BCI to apply for the Amplify Award.

Judging Process

When will I find out if I’ve won?
The winner will be notified of the final results once judging is completed. This is estimated to be in early April.

If I do not get selected as the winner, can I resubmit my campaign for next year’s award?
No, you cannot resubmit a campaign if it has already been submitted for a prior year BCI Amplify Award. If you’d like to submit a campaign for the 2024 BCI Amplify Award, it must be work that was completed in 2023 or 2024.

Dr. Cora Lind-Kovacs

I was fascinated by the many facets of lead batteries that I never knew existed…

Dr. Cora Lind-Kovacs, Professor, UToledo Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry