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Why Join Battery Council International?

BCI members are engaged in every facet of the industry: Lead battery manufacturers and recyclers, marketers and retailers, suppliers of raw materials and equipment and expert consultants.

Through advocacy, communications, education, collaboration and research, BCI supports the growth and success of our member companies and their employees. Learn more about the benefits of BCI membership in our membership brochure.

Top 5 Reasons to Join BCI

“I can honestly say that being a part of BCI and having this joint collaboration with the rest of the industry has never been so important. These are uncertain times and it is extremely critical that we all continue to come together, and BCI is the right and most effective platform to do just that.”

Chris Pruitt, CEO & President, East Penn Manufacturing

Membership Types

BCI Battery Manufacturer Member – Any company that assembles, produces and sells their own completed batteries.

BCI Supplier Member – Any company that supplies a product or service to battery manufacturers, and can include entities that manufacture and/or sell battery components.

BCI Associate Member – Any company that distributes batteries, but are not involved in the manufacturing process.

BCI International Member – Any company that meets the substantive criteria for BCI membership as a Battery Manufacturer, Supplier or Associate, but neither produces nor sells batteries, products or services in the United States.

BCI membership is available to any company in the battery industry. Only one membership is necessary per company; all employees may register for an individual BCI account under the corporate membership granting them full access to BCI’s roster of member benefits.

It is understood and agreed that this membership will be maintained for at least one year and may be continued thereafter, without renewal, on a year to year basis unless the member notifies the Executive Vice President of their intention to resign prior to the close of the fiscal year, or unless suspended by the Board of Directors.

Membership Dues

BCI dues are based on a company’s annual net sales. The net sales referred to are those relevant to the battery industry in the preceding calendar year. For fiscal purposes, dues and budgets shall commence on January 1 and end on December 31. All dues are payable no later than April 1 of the current year.

To learn more about joining BCI, call +1.312.245.1074 or email us at

Nick Starita

There’s still a fair amount of risk-aversion at major carriers when it comes to lithium.

Nick Starita, President of the Energy Solutions Division, Hollingsworth and Vose