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Video: On National Battery Day We Recognize Lead Batteries’ Role in Pandemic Healing and...
YouTube video
On National Battery Day we recognize the role of lead batteries throughout the pandemic
Video: Lead Battery Industry Launches New Website to Boost Battery Knowledge
YouTube video
Lead battery industry launches new website video
Video: Lead Battery’s Domestic Supply Chain Remains Resilient Through Crises
YouTube video
Lead battery's domestic supply chain video
Video: Material Stewardship Program
YouTube video
Lead battery Material Stewardship Program video
Video: Future Powered by Lead Batteries
YouTube video
Video: Storing Tomorrow’s Power Today
YouTube video
Storing Power Today
Video: Lead Batteries, A Model of Sustainability and Circularity
YouTube video
Video: Lead Batteries Power Unique Solar “Living Laboratories”
YouTube video
Living Laboratories
Video: Safe, Sustainable, Good Neighbors
YouTube video
Good Neighbors
Video: Good Neighbors: Creating Great Jobs
YouTube video
Creating Great Jobs
Video: Good Neighbors: Impacting the Local Economy
YouTube video
Impacting the Local Economy
Video: Good Neighbors: Essential
YouTube video
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Venkat Srinivasan from the Argonne Collaborative Center

The lead acid battery ... is legendary. We can recycle 95+ percent of [these] batteries all across the world. It's a very safe chemistry, ... [and] we understand how to use it very, very well.

Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, Director, Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science