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Cars flooded after hurriance
National Preparedness Month: Battery Recovery After Natural Disasters

September is National Preparedness Month (NPM), an ideal time to share how the sustainable lead battery...

September 1, 2018

Safe + Sound Week: United for Global Safety

This is the last post in our three-part blog series during this important week. As we finish our posts for...

August 17, 2018

Safe + Sound Week: Safe for Our Communities and Environment

As we continue our celebration of Safe + Sound Week August 13 - 19, we’re broadening our definition of...

August 15, 2018

Lead Battery Industry Partners With OSHA to Celebrate Safe + Sound Week August 13 – 19, 2018

Collaboration Shows Commitment to Safe Workplaces, Communities, Products WASHINGTON – Lead battery...

News Release
August 13, 2018

Safe + Sound Week: Employee Safety

What does safety mean to you? For the 20,000-plus employees of the lead battery industry, it starts with...

August 10, 2018

Lead Batteries Help Create a “Wind”- Win for Renewable Energy

American Wind Week is August 5-11, and according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), members of...

August 7, 2018

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Global Energy Demand to Soar; Lead Batteries Poised to Meet Renewable Energy Storage Needs

New Information Brief from Essential Energy Everyday Presents Lead Batteries Among Top Energy Storage...

News Release
July 18, 2018

Mix of Energy Storage Technologies Needed to Meet Rapidly Growing Energy Demand

You might be surprised to learn the role lead batteries have today, and in our energy future, in helping to...

July 10, 2018

Storing Renewable Energy That’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”

Lead batteries play an important role in making wind a sustainable option. Many wind facilities rely on lead...

June 14, 2018

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Mark Wallace

The pandemic has shown us just how vital the lead battery industry is. Without 12V batteries, first responders can’t function; food and medical supplies can’t reach their destination; essential employees can’t get to their jobs....It’s as simple as that.

Mark Wallace, President and CEO, Clarios