Essential Energy for Today and Tomorrow

Essential icon for lead batteries

Lead batteries are an essential, irreplaceable link to connect, power and protect our daily lives. This established, economical technology can meet our growing energy storage needs today – and tomorrow.

Protecting Our Lives

In hospitals worldwide, lead batteries save lives by providing emergency power for lifesaving equipment during temporary power outages.

And in times of crisis, lead batteries provide essential energy and critical backup power for 911 call centers and emergency response teams. This includes energy for emergency lighting, and powering helicopters and other lifesaving vehicles. Lead batteries have delivered safe, reliable, mission-critical energy backup in these applications for decades.

In addition, the U.S. military relies on lead batteries to help keep our troops safe by powering vehicles used for bomb detection and disposal.

The range of scale, safety, reliability and application adaptability of lead battery energy storage systems means that they are well-suited to safeguard the critical communications, data and healthcare infrastructure that so many people depend on during emergency situations.

Connecting Our World

Lead batteries safeguard vital communications, power transportation and logistical networks that fuel our economy, and support the backup power systems that protect life, investments and data in an emergency. The lead battery powers essential instruments for the cars and trucks that keep our lives moving forward.

Lead battery energy storage systems manage the variability of electric grids to keep communication and data networks consistently accessible. Lead batteries ensure that when the power goes out, the Internet stays on, increasingly supported by localized microgrids.

Google and many other large technology companies rely on lead battery backup power to protect massive online data repositories.  The New York Stock Exchange relies on lead battery backup power to protect its critical online data.

Essential energy from lead batteries supports our transportation

Essential Energy to Transport People

Lead batteries reliably power the transportation and logistics networks that move people from their homes to work, school and play. Better yet, the industry itself provides thousands of green-economy jobs. Here are some transportation facts:

  • Lead batteries help to safely transport Americans via public transportation 34 million times each weekday.
  • Every U.S. mass-produced car and truck (over 290 million), including every electric vehicle, contains and relies on lead batteries.
  • The global automotive industry produces more than 85 million new vehicles annually. On average, each vehicle will use three to four lead batteries over its lifespan.
Lead batteries providing essential energy for electric forklifts

Essential Energy to Move Our Economy

The past decade has seen online shopping skyrocket. Today, warehouse and logistic services have become our automated personal shoppers, moving millions of packages and pallets of goods daily.

Warehouse operations rely on zero-emission electric forklifts powered by lead batteries to keep order fulfillment on track. Lead batteries also power the semis, vans and sedans, which crisscross the nation delivering products to our doorsteps and materials to manufacturers.

What Makes Lead Batteries Essential Energy Every Day?

Lead batteries are in every factory.  They’re in every warehouse. They’re running equipment all day long.  Watch this short video and hear from Jeff Elder, former president of Battery Council International.

There's a lot of room for growth in ... lead battery chemistry ... it's something that would really make it even more competitive for things like stationary storage.

Dr. Tim Fister, Materials Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory