Today’s innovative lead batteries are key to a cleaner, greener future and provide 70% of the world’s rechargeable power. They’re also the most environmentally sustainable battery technology and a stellar example of a circular economy.

What is Essential Energy Everyday?

Essential Energy Everyday is a communications initiative to increase awareness of the critical importance of lead batteries in our daily lives. The initiative is supported by the global trade association that represents the lead battery and recycling industry, Battery Council International (BCI).

Our goal is to inform and educate stakeholders of the need to continue investment in innovative and sustainable lead battery technology that is necessary to store and provide energy on demand. BCI is committed to advancing innovations that support the integral role that lead batteries play in providing energy solutions every day.

Shannon Warren Flow-Rite Controls

We created our own circular economy where over 80% of our waste is now recycled and gets to live on in new ways.

Shannon Warren, Marketing Specialist, Flow-Rite Controls