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Social Graphic: Start-Stop 6.7 Million Tons
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Start-stop vehicles with lead batteries lower emissions
Social Graphic: Demand Increase of 75K MWh
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Social Graphic: 90% of UPS Demand
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Social Graphic: Recyclable Lead Battery (GIF)
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Recyclable lead battery GIF
Social Graphic: Make Use Recycle
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Lead batteries have a make, use, recycle circular economy.
Social Graphic: Circular vs Linear Economy
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Lead batteries use a circular economy vs a linear economy of other technologies.
Social Graphic: Start-Stop Comfort
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Start-stop vehicles powered by lead batteries have no loss in comfort
Social Graphic: Start-Stop Easy Affordable
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Automakers can easily apply start-stop technology to traditional engines
Social Graphic: Start-Stop Fuel Savings
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Engine-off time in start-stop vehicles powered by lead batteries can yield fuel savings
Social Graphic: #1 Recycled Product (GIF)
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The lead battery is the number one recycled product
Social Graphic: #1 Recycled Product (MP4)
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The lead battery is the number 1 recycled product in the U.S.
Social Graphic: Lead Batteries 99% Recycled (GIF)
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Animated GIF on lead batteries 99% recycling rate
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Rebecca Conway

There is still a lead acid battery in the majority of EVs.  [And] we’re also seeing an increase in the number of multi-battery systems – vehicles with more than one battery, a primary and auxiliary battery.

Rebecca Conway, Senior Director of Marketing and Technical Services, Clarios